Virtual Phone Numbers

Virtual numbers are based in the cloud and therefore are not geographic dependant.  For businesses, there are many advantages to using virtual numbers for both inbound and outbound calls.

Add flexibility to your business with Virtual numbers that enable you to run your business more effectively

  • Call routing plans enable you to point the number to a destination of your choice to ensure calls, using a web based portal, to ensure your calls are always answered
  • Responses to campaigns can be increased and monitored with free phone (0800, 03) and low cost calling plans.
  • Your business can have a presence in a local area with a local dialling code, without the need for a physical location.


Converting to a Virtual Number

It is easy to convert your existing number to a virtual number which can then increase flexibility for your business with easy to set up and manage call routing plans.


Setting up a Virtual Number

A new virtual number can be set up in just 3 working days and there is no minimum contract term.


Moving and Relocating your Business

Convert your existing telephone number into a virtual number, which will automatically route calls to your new destination number or number range. You can even change the destination later if you move again.

Rental costs for virtual numbers  are much cheaper than Remote Call Forward and Cease Number Intercept services. which is one of the reasons they are so favourable at the time of moving premises.

When you convert your own number to a virtual number at the time of moving you will also save significant time as you will not need to notify your customers of a new number and reprint any stationery.