Telephone Lines, Rental & SIP Trunks

Southern Communications Corporate Solutions believe in providing the highest quality of voice services and video calls across ISDN, Analogue and SIP trunks.

We offer competitive packages for inbound and outbound calling, line rentals and SIP Trunks.

Standard services are complimented by business continuity, call logging, call reporting, protection from fraud and unexpected service costs,


Optional Services

Unique to Southern Communications Corporate Solutions these services help to protect you when you need it most;

  • Business Continuity enables calls to be diverted at extension level in the event of a disaster making your premises inaccessible
  • VoiceSafe protects you from the cost of fraudulent calls being made from your premises in the event your system is compromised
  • LineSafe protects you from unexpected charges by Openreach engineers, who deem their visit chargeable after visiting your site
  • On-line billing provides free call logging and easy to read graphs to help you manage your telephone services


VOIP and SIP Trunks

VoIP is the delivery of phone calls over Internet; Basically, VoIP & SIP is a way of using your internet connection to make phone calls.

As Technology continues to evolve and terms such as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) easily slip into the everyday vernacular of telecommunications businesses.  SIP Trunks are a replacement to the conventional ISDN lines, widely used by businesses and brings addded functionality that it s not possible to deliver over standard business lines.


Migrating to SIP Trunks

Migrating your business towards VoIP will save your business generally 60% on line rental per month and 40% on call costs.

Southern Communications Corporate Solutions solutions allow you to keep your current Telephony System with all your current published numbers whilst making significant cost savings on all outbound calls.

Simply put: “We will deliver the best solution for your business whatever the technology”.