SIP Trunking

SIP trunking is suitable for all businesses, from a single user, to a large call centre servicing thousands of customers.

SIP Trunks offer more flexibility on how voice calls are handled and reduce costs by eliminating the need for ISDN rentals, coupled with the threat of Openreach phasing out traditional ISDN services from 2025 businesses are being driven to consider adopting SIP trunking as their first choice for voice traffic.

SIP is an advanced form of voice communications that converts calls so that they can be carried over the internet and is a standard that transports calls over a data connection.

Benefits of SIP over ISDN:

ScalableUnlike ISDN, SIP Trunks are quick and easy to add to your environment to cater for busy periods and often SIP trunks do not have the long term contracts associated with ISDN installations.
ResilienceAdvanced back-up and disaster recovery options enable calls to be delivered to multiple locations and diverts to be set at extension level, removing the restriction of all calls for the business being directed to just one single number.
Cost savingsEliminate your ISDN line rentals. You can now use the same connection for Voice and data and save on your ISDN rentals.
FlexibleRevolutionise the way your staff communicate with the flexibility to have calls recorded or have advance call routing handled in the cloud and not on your phone system thereby providing even greater savings compared to more traditional methods of delivering this functionality.

What do I need?

To host SIP trunks you need a high quality, dedicated broadband or leased line Ethernet connection or a shared circuit with Quality of Service (QoS) applied to keep your voice and data separate.

  • You telephone system needs to be ISDN or SIP compatible. At Southern Communications Corporate Solutions we provide an ISDN replacement solution for systems that are not SIP compatible.  Where they are SIP compatible we can plug directly into your system.  The best way to tell if your system is compatible is to contact one of our consultants who will be able to help.
  • Adequate computer network security arrangement. When utilising any communication system over the internet, you need to have a secure computer network to protect your business data, employees and clients. This security works to support and allow SIP communications to function correctly.
  • A provider with the expertise that is able to make sure the quality of your voice traffic is protected, when it travels across the internet to its destination.

SIP Trunking provides businesses flexibility, as the number of channels can be added to meet the demands of increased call traffic without the need to install new lines. Call charges and line rentals are reduced.

An ISDN replacement service provides access to SIP trunks, without the capital outlay involved in getting your telephone system SIP ready.

SIP offers advanced call routing services and an intuitive dashboard with access to reports and performance statistics that can lead to increased productivity.

Contact us today and start to benefit from SIP Trunking and will be ready for 2025 when ISDN services are due to be switched off.