LAN Switching

Southern Communications Corporate Solutions provide a consultative approach to support you in getting the right infrastructure for your business.

Our services are carefully selected to ensure you have maximum throughput from your external connection through to your individual computers.

Carefully managed through put across your network, VoIP and Wifi solutions prevent slow transfer of voice, data and multi-media applications.



Chassis Switches

We use the latest high capacity chassis based and fixed switches to ensure optimum performance of your LAN. High capacity, modular and SDN-ready ethernet switches, proven in data centre environments, are ideal for all environments.


Fixed Switches

Fixed configuration, stackable and easy to manage, GigE LAN switches are perfectly designed to meet the needs of the smaller business.

For more advanced next generation networks we offer Stackable switching with multi-gigabit ports for high-speed IEEE802.1ac devices, smart analytics and up to 40GigE stacking,

Southern Communications Corporate Solutions provide a full range of LAN solutions that are fully managed and supported, with built in SLAs, to create a reliable and safe backbone for your business.