Government and Public Sector

Southern Communications Corporate Solutions (SCCS) are proud to be an official supplier for Government and Public Sector Telecoms in the UK under the Network Services 2 (RM3808) and NHSX frameworks

With a proven track record supporting the Public Sector, we provide expertise that facilitates digital transformation to Government organisations and the Public Sector.

Whether the ideal solution is premise based, cloud or a hybrid, we have a portfolio of products and services to suit your needs and surpass your expectations. Combined with our expertise and over 20 years’ industry experience, we deliver the best in class solutions.

Our telecoms and ancillary services provide:

Call 0208 604 0000 to make an initial enquiry, or email with your details and to request a callback. You can also buy direct from the catalogue on eMarketplace (or Zanzibar) once registered.


Network Services 2 (RM3808)

We are a supplier on Crown Commercial Services RM3808 framework for the following:

Lot Lot Name Services
1 Data Access Services The supply of premise to premise and premise to cloud connectivity using terrestrial, wireless and satellite solutions, network security, circuits, ISP and Internet Services.
2 Local Connectivity Services This includes single site local connectivity and LAN connectivity including SAN equipment, wired and wireless solutions, specialist power solutions and managed equipment rooms.
3 Traditional Telephony Services The supply of voice services connecting local, traditional equipment with the public network. This includes call packages, SIP trunks, DDI ranges, CPS services and both equipment maintenance and support.
5 IP Telephony Services The supply of IP based telephony solutions, including hosted telephony, off site PBX hosting and related services.


Southern Communications Corporate Solutions Ltd, who own the Switch Medical brand, are a supplier to the NHSX Framework.  The NHSX framework supports organisations in adopting a new suite of communication tools that accelerate digital transformation across all segments of the NHS, including but not limited to NHS Trusts, Clinical Commissioning Groups and Primary Care Networks.  Read more about Rainbow for Healthcare

G Cloud

We have a network of partners that enable us to provide our customers with Cloud Hosting services supplied through G-Cloud including Data Centre hosting and co-location, hosted telephony, Managed Firewall services, IaaS and WAN connectivity

To see our supplier listing for RM3808 and to learn more about the lots within this framework, please visit the SCCCS profile on the Crown Commercial Service website.

What are the benefits of upgrading your technology?

If your organisation is using outdated, legacy telecoms equipment you’re likely paying more than you need to and receiving less productive results than modern telephony can offer.

We support your technology upgrade programme to help achieve the following benefits:

  • Cost savings, freeing up budget
  • Access to improved, more advanced functions
  • Increased efficiency and productivity

As we are approved suppliers across multiple lots, we can provide solutions across a range of services, meaning you can rely on us to deliver a thorough communications strategy.

What does it mean to be a listed supplier?

We have proven our expertise and have gone through a rigorous approval process to become an approved supplier to the Government and Public Sector. Through the Contracts Directory on eMarketplace we will provide quotes and it’s also where you can raise purchase orders directly.

Why the Public Sector chose  Southern Communications Corporate Solutions

Crown Hosting

With close proximity to Crown Hosting, we’re able to provide fast and secure communications between legacy public sector systems and modern, hosted solutions. This provides clients with incredible flexibility to suit their budget, whilst maintaining access to all the required datasets.

Ease of transition

Our team understands the importance of public sector work and deliver our solutions with minimum disruption to ensure you and your team remain as productive as possible. Full training is offered for the new applications and we’re confident staff will be able to quickly adapt to our intuitive systems

Ongoing support and maintenance

We provide a variety of flexible contracts which provide you with exactly what you need for set-up, installation, and of course ongoing support and maintenance. With a proactive approach, we’re able to resolve technical issues before they impact your service, and have back-ups in place should an outage occur.

Over 50 years experience

We’re a well-established telecoms and data provider, trusted by some of the biggest corporations in the UK, with a reputation for quality and delivering impeccable results and service. As a longstanding leader in telecoms, we offer flexible contract lengths up to 10 years.

Our telecoms resources

To help potential clients better understand the services we supply, we have a range of resources available to download, including buyer’s guides and brochures on examples of the hardware we recommend.

This resource is useful if your role is to source a telecoms or data provider for your government or public sector workplace. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch; we’re very transparent about the services we provide and are on hand to support you in your decision making.

Speak to our expert team

At Southern Communications Corporate Solutions we pride ourselves on outstanding customer service and expert services built on over 20 years’ of experience in communications.

As an approved supplier for the government and public sector, we’re perfectly placed to supply  telecoms and data connections that meet your total satisfaction.

Learn more about Southern Communications Corporate Solutions here, including our awards and accreditations, values and history.

We look forward to hearing from you.