Conference and Collaborate

Connect your workforce quickly and easily with conferencing collaboration and collaboration services from Southern Communications Corporate Solutions.

From a small hosted solution through to a large multi site installation users can benefit from features including Instant messaging, screen sharing, file sharing, video conferencing and the most popular audio conferencing services.

The adoption of cloud based services and technologies like VOIP make collaboration with our colleagues, suppliers and customers increasingly easy.

Southern Communications Corporate Solutions provide a range of voice and video conferencing solutions that are easy to set up and use, to cater for groups small and large.


Conference calls

Enable home workers, remote sales staff and mobile teams to connect and communicate with each other, without losing time and money travelling to the office or a single meeting location.

Audio conference

Anyone with a telephone connection, at home, in an office or on a mobile, can benefit from Audio conference facilities which are  free to set up and there are no monthly rentals.

Pre-registration is not required, which means you can easily connect up to 20 phone calls from any location.

Setting up conferences and hosting them are completely free, and you can use it as often as your business needs it, without any monthly costs.


Accessing the conference

Participants are given an 08 number, provided by the conference organiser and entry code, which connects them to the right conference call.

The only cost associated with our conference calling facility, are the call charges, which are applied to each caller’s telephone bill.

Calls are charged on a pence per minute tariff and will vary depending on your call provider.

Conference calls are a great way to communicate between teams at one time, reducing the need for unnecessary travel time and costs, required to meet at a single location.

For more information about applications that can help you collaborate and communicate more effectively contact us today



Enhance your conference experience by adding video and file sharing.

Our consultants can provide advice on the best and most cost effective way for you to access these services which are available via many Unified Communications soluitons, advanced telephone systems or via the cloud.