Crown Hosting

Southern Communications Corporate Solutions (SCCS) provide fast and secure communication between applications that reside on legacy public sector system, and datasets that need to run on traditional hardware, with cloud hosted applications.

Located within close proximity of Crown Hosting SCCS  connect easily to public sector applications and combine traditional hosting and cloud services, giving you commercial and technical flexibility, based in the UK.

Super connected and resilient campuses that are agnostic to managed service providers, hardware and software vendors enable you to decide how your IT is designed and supported.

ARK data centres form part of your highest quality network, which enables us to provide a direct link for customers using Crown Hosting services, from within the same building.

Ark provide flexible co-location services for the public sector and whether you are in the public sector, link to the public sector or simply want to make sure your data is in a secure location, speak to us about how our network of datacentres  provide the perfect solutions.