Cloud Based Routing

Call Queueing and Auto Attendants based in the cloud are a popular choice for businesses.

The number of telephone lines you have and the capability of your telephone no longer need to control the number of calls you can queue.


Unlimited Queueing

The cloud enables you to queue an infinite number of calls, without the costs associated with increasing the number of lines.  Calls are held away from your site, relieving pressures on the main lines and telephone systems.

Comfort messages can be played to advertise your products and services and provide queue position, to improve the customer experience.


Auto Attendant

A cloud based auto attendant means you are no longer restricted by the capability of your telephone system.

Calls can be directed to the appropriate department/queue to make it easier for your customers to reach the people they need to speak to.

Each queue can benefit from unique and relevant messages which can be pre-recorded and changed on a regular basis manually or through time of day call routing plans.

With the dependency on the number of lines taken away you could be answering up to 99 calls at network level, when you only have 8 physical lines. The result – no more engaged tones and no need for lots of costly line rentals.

The Auto attendant and Call Queuing features can be used together or independently of each other.

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