Call Recording and Reporting

Call recording and reporting provides essential information that can help improve the performance of your staff and the efficiency of your business.

Understanding call patterns and knowing how effectively the calls are handled can provide very useful information for planning training, staff availability, customer agreements and more.

Portals enable you access and download the call information and recordings  you require, when you require it.


Call Recording

Recorded calls can be easily located, by day, date and time or telephone number, retrieved and played back as required.

Call recording plays an important part in improving the customer experience.  Easy to play back calls can be used to clarify details of a conversation, where you may need to consult with a colleague before going back to a customer.

Call recordings can help demonstrate compliance and monitor and improve staff performance, as a training aid.


Call Reporting

Essential reports provide information about inbound, outbound and missed calls to help you manage and monitor your call traffic, apportions costs and highlight most called numbers.

Call history can help identify calling patterns, Missed calls can be identified and returned, call patterns and regularity of calls to and from specific numbers can be easily identified.


Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX-Record

We also provide advice and expertise on across vendor specific call recording software including the Alcatel-lucent OmniPCX call recording platform.

OmniPCX call recording integrates with the Alcatel-Lucent telpehone infrastructure to enable compliant call recording, monitoring and evaluation.

At Southern Communications Corporate Solutions we can provide advice and recommendations across a range of call reporting and recording solutions for your hosted and on-premise systems.