Business Mobile Management

Southern Communications Corporate Solutions (SCCS) can help simplify the management of your business mobiles

As the number of mobile devices in use grows management and security of mobile estates becomes ever more challenging.  To help you mange and protect your estate we  offer simplified billing, MDM services and Insurance.

Transferring your service

Transferring your service to SCCS  is seamless.  We help with number migration and our support team are able to help set up any new devices you add.


Ask about our competitively priced insurance policies to protect from the unexpected.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Cloud based IBM MaaS360® and SOTI offer a fast and comprehensive way to configure devices and secure data on smartphones and tablets, from a single screen.

MDM technology protects your data, devices and end users.  Configure new devices, manage policies, preserve privacy and security, control threat detection and management and prevent data leakage across your entire estate with through one single portal.

Billing Simplicity

Billing is clear and transparent with call stats.  Billing is simplified when your mobile costs are billed on a single bill from SCCS  along with your voice and data services.