Business Continuity for Telecoms

At Southern Communications Corporate Solutions we understand the importance of your telephony to keep your business running smoothly and that is why we offer fail over plans, tailored to your individual needs, for your voice services.

The operational and commercial damage to a business due to a natural disaster such as a fire or flood or power outage, can be huge, with 80% of businesses never fully recovering.

Tailored fail over plans ensure you continue to receive calls, whatever the situation, regardless your inbound calls are delivered over ISDN, Analogue, SIP or Hosted Telephony.


Analogue & ISDN2 – Emergency redirect

Emergency redirect enables your calls to be re-routed to another number in the event of an emergency. It is easy to set up and remains active until you ask us to remove it and will not expire.


  • Call us 365/24/7 to have your calls diverted to a telephone number of your choice Divert set up within 1 hour.
  • Low cost: £10 set-up, £2 rental plus call charges at your agreed rate.
  • Easy to use: 1) Decide on the new destination number for inbound calls. 2) Call Us and we will set it up 3) Call us when you want the divert service cancelled.

Alongside these Disaster Recovery packages, many customers are now adopting Virtual Numbers and Call Re-Directions as part of their disaster recovery plan, due to the enhanced flexibility these provide.

ISDN30 Site Assurance

Site Assurance allows for a pre-determined number, often chosen at the time of the install, to be allocated in readiness for all calls to be diverted to if required. The service can be activated around the clock by contacting our customer service team.


  • Quickly activated and calls can be diverted to a pre-determined number.
  • Site assurance is applied to all of your ISDN30 channels
  • Once activated the Site Assurance divert will last as long as you like and will not expire until you instruct us otherwise.
  • Free Setup, low monthly rental and calls charged at your agreed rate
  • Easy to use:1) Decide on the destination number for diverted calls or opt for one of our disaster recovery 03 numbers to ensure total flexibility when needed. 2) Call us to set it up 3) When you need to activate the service, just call us and all calls will be diverting to the nominated number within 1 hour. 4) Call us when you want the divert service cancelled.


Business Continuity

Business Continuity from Southern Communications Corporate Solutions has been designed to deliver more advanced call routing in the event of loosing your business lines. Calls can be re-routed at DDI level and Virtual Receptionist coupled with Hunt Group to provide greater call handling flexibility.

The service delivers far greater call handling than traditional disaster recovery services with the ability to receive up to 100 simultaneous calls.

Virtual Receptionist – Provides your callers with a personalised welcome message greeting and gives them up to 10 options to press 1 for…, press 2 for…. enabling calls to be directed to a different land line or mobile number for each person or department.

Hunt Group – Once the above option has been selected, should a call not be answered or receive a busy tone, the call can be set to hunt around up to 10 destination numbers of your choice.

Business Continuity is FREE to set-up and has a small monthly rental. The diverted leg of the calls is charged at your agreed per minute rate. Once set up it can be activated simply by calling our customer service team.