BT Digital Telephone Upgrade

Businesses across the UK can benefit from the Southern Communications Bandwidth for Change Voucher and access special offers to help their move from ISDN, Analogue and ADSL Broadband services to the IP service (i.e. VoIP) required  to continue to communicate as Openreach migrate their Digital network to an entire IP Network by 2025.

Over 100 exchanges to be upgraded

Look no further than Southern Communications to find out when your local exchange will be upgraded.

Openreach has been talking about their change from copper to ‘next generation’ networks for many years and we saw the first step in this process, in December 2020 when a a ‘Stop Sell’ notice was announced for Salisbury. Stop sell is the first stage in upgrading an area and this means that no further ISDN or single line connection orders will be accepted and businesses will have to make the change to VoIP solutions using SIP channels or Cloud Based Telephony.

During 2021 there are plans that a further 160 exchanges will be faced with ‘Stop Sell’ notices with more to follow, in line with Openreach’s goal to have the whole digital telephone network switched to IP telephony by 2025.

The big switch off is here and driving change to VoIP

Whether ready for it or not, the big switch off for ISDN and single line services is here, taking hold at an increasing pace and driving a big switch on to Cloud/Hosted Telephony ( VOIP).

The challenge ahead for the average business is to get ahead of this curve, without dropping the ball

Be ready for the change

Our big three change management check list:-

  • Check if your provider offers a Stop/Sell Change voucher
  • Check if your supplier will project manage the change
  • Get your connectivity assessed – ensure you have enough bandwidth for change.

If a business has not already made the move to a high-quality SIP or Cloud based telephone system, then they will also be faced with managing a cultural change as users adapt to unfamiliar technology.

Adopt a VoIP Telephony Solution

SIP hybrid and Cloud based phone systems offer all the features of a system based on ISDN, enabling you to include many single line services and often saving money with reduced call costs and line rentals.

The need for change is beyond argument, however the need for it to be painful is not. There are Hosted systems that function in a very similar way to a ISDN based systems and hybrid options if your current system is ready for IP connectivity.

Start your journey and be ready for the future


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