Analogue Phone Lines

With the move towards digital sometimes the need for analogue lines can be overlooked but for most they are an essential component in the delivery of communications.

Analogue lines continue to be an essential requirement. Some of the most common uses for analogue lines are-

  • Alarm lines
  • Door entry systems
  • A carrier for broadband services

Generally an analogue line will be dedicated to the delivery of the service it is set up for, however, that does not mean it cannot be integrated into the most advanced telephone and Unified Communications solutions.

At Southern we understand the value of your analogue line, can offer advice on how to intgrate services running on analogue lines into your communications solutions and provide additional protection for you with LineSafe and VoiceSafe protecting you from costs incurred through PBX fraud and unexpected costs, in the event an engineer should need to visit your site

We provide excellent call packages for businesses using standard analogue lines, with no hidden or minimum call charges.