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Connect your workplace GO DIGITAL

Ramp up business communications for the digital era

Connected devices and the internet of things (IoT) – video, interactive screen, multimedia sharing, chat and bot interactions – are really what you need for the digital workplace.

  • Make communicating with your teams and your business contacts as simple as 1-2-3. Interact instantly.
  • Make the leap into the digital era and choose RainbowTM, the app for borderless, mobile collaboration that is fully integrated with your business phones.
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Start now: Go Digital with
Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise communication phone systems.


Agile mobility

Instantly respond to your business contacts – wherever you are and with any device

When you step away from your desk or work off-site, you expect to have the same level of communication and collaboration as when you’re at the office.

But is this really the case for you today?

With RainbowTM, you can access your company directory from anywhere. Text, call, video, share files, share your screen and monitor your real-time communications, with your laptop or your smartphone.

No IT needed. No VPN to set up. You download the app once and you’re ready to go.

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  • One-click access to your company directory

  • Find available contacts online

  • Text and call with a simple click

  • Windows/Mac, iOS/Android

Borderless collaboration

Open up communication with your business community

Whether it’s with your colleagues or with contacts beyond your company's walls, you have access to your entire business network with a simple click.

You can create private groups to chat and share information about specific projects – even with remote contacts. Invite your contacts to join you on RainbowTM, and start working together.

Check out their presence status. If they are available, engage with them instantly.

Keeping your entire business network accessible has never been so easy.

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  • Click to invite any business contact

  • Check out your contacts’ presence status

  • Create private groups to text and share

  • Use audio and video calls, share and text beyond the company’s borders

Connected workplace

Get things done by connecting the phone system to RainbowTM

The RainbowTM application connects with the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise phone system and becomes an integrated part of your business desk phone.

From the RainbowTM app, you can access your company directory from any device. Check the presence status of your contact. Click a RainbowTM contact and instantly call with your desk phone.

With this innovative feature, you can enjoy high-quality business calls on your business desk phone and at the same time share your screen and files instantly.

Get things done quickly with RainbowTM’s easy-to-use interface. The RainbowTM application and your business phone are the perfect match!

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  • Corporate address book and click to call from RainbowTM

  • On-the-phone presence status

  • Call history

  • Companion to all ALE phones

Keep control of your IT

Your data is safe with RainbowTM, and it won’t be shared or used for commercial purposes. Security protocols ensure your data is safe in transit, See more here.

Your IT staff stays in full control. RainbowTM offers Active Directory integration, a web portal to manage user profiles, analytics and backup services.

Connect to the cloud in a few clicks

Your Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise phone system has a built-in RainbowTM agent, so connecting to the cloud is straightforward.

Once connected, users benefit from all of RainbowTM’s integrated communications features. And RainbowTM is free.*

* Chat, call, video, share your screen and files instantly. Click to call, presence status and call log integration require a connection to Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise 12, OXO Connect 2.1 and above, provided under condition by an Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise certified Business Partner.